Crystal Formula Language

In Development

A statically typed, lazily evaluated, functional programming language designed to be the successor to spreadsheet formulas.

Explore some of the features


The language syntax is designed to look similar to spreadsheet formulas so it should be comfortable for anyone to pick up the basic features.
Example of an if statement


Never have to deal with debugging an unexplained #ERROR! ever again. The crystal language automatically checks your formulas for errors and gives you specific error messages.
Example of an error message


The language will feature a large number of manipulation functions that let you perform direct operations on lists data such as searching, filtering and mutating. All with a concise and readable syntax.
Example of an if statement

Date literals In Development

Represent dates with clear date literals like @2017/12/01 or @8am. These can be compared to other dates and manipulated just like other values.
Coming Soon